Samsung Bixby Download

Now you don’t need to worry about handling the tasks with your new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ because you have the support from best ever intelligent master in Samsung History.The intelligence master of your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ is none other than Samsung Bixby. This will be a completely new experience for you to get on with Samsung. This intelligence master is very user-friendly that you are supported by voice, text and with touch.


Bixby app for everyone

The best thing with Samsung Bixby is that it continuously follows you and learn the way you handle your phone because Samsung Bixby is integrated with every nook and corner of your phone. It knows almost every app on your Samsung phone. So that it becomes better and better day by day. So with times, you are guided in your own way because Samsung Bixby learns from you and teach you. To use this Samsung Bixby service you should have Samsung Account login and network connection. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is introduced with many new features and eye catching items. This Samsung Bixby is one of the outstanding option introduced by them to Android community.


Download Samsung Bixby App

Samsung Bixby comes pre-installed with the Galaxy S8. But if you don’t own a Galaxy S8, you can think about downloading Bixby to your existing smartphone. Download Bixby Apk from the following download links.

s8 launcher bixby apk Always on display apk


Samsung Bixby Apk older versions


How to install Samsung Bixby APK?

  • 01. First Download Samsung Galaxy s8 launcher, Bixby apk, Samsung AOD apk (Always On disply) apks from the above download links.
  • 02. Now Open "settings" "LOCK SCREEN AND SECURITY" > "Unknown sources" enble it.
  • 03. Install Samsung galaxy s8 launcher and make it the default launcher.
  • 04. Then install Bixby Apk.
  • 05. Long press the s8 launcher homescreen to open launcher settings.
  • 06. Activate Bixby from s8 launcher settings and reboot your phone.
  • 07. Swipe left and enjoy Samsung Bixby!
 how to install samsung bixby apk

The features of Samsung Bixby


Three modes to control Samsung Bixby

As Bixby is supported by text, touch and voice, you can use any of the above modes according to the situation. If you want you can switch between the modes whenever you want with a simple click.


Reminders at right time at right place.

Samsung Bixby helps you to control your day to day chores methodically. It will remind you of everything at the right time. You don’t need to revise again and again in remembering something. Because the Samsung Bixby is with you and no stress at all. It will remind you of the task at the correct time at the correct place. You just have to give Samsung Bixby with the task, place and time. You can have reminders on your AOD screen, Bixby home or in the edge screen. You can make memos and checklists with reminder and add up to 8 photos here.


Direct access to apps.

Just by clicking on Bixby key or swiping your home screen or lock screen into right, you can easily get access to apps relevant to that time, place and the occasion and to get customized and curated information to be matched with the time and situation. This is being developed day by day. The more you use, the more efficient it is. As Bixby learns your routine, you will have correct content at the correct time.


No words; then try with the camera.

If you are dumb without the relevant word for the thing you want to express, no need to worry there’s the camera for you to support because the Samsung Bixby is supported by the camera and images in the gallery. As soon as you open your camera and focus on the relevant image, Samsung Bixby is back with you with the results for the relevant image.


Make daily chores easier with Samsung Bixby.

You can make your day to day tasks easier by dealing with Samsung Bixby. If you need to know more about a place or a product or if you are interested in knowing more about a restaurant or if you want to translate a Doc, the Samsung Bixby is with you to help you in knowing them. Samsung Bixby makes you smarter with its helpful guidance at daily tasks.


Wine feature in the vision of Samsung Bixby is added which means; when the image is shown, the content will be read by Bixby and give you with more details.