Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby is the new virtual assistant introduced by Samsung along with the new Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 plus.

What Bixby can do?

Bixby Apk can be your personal assistant. You will be able to take control over it from your voice commands. For example, you can initiate a call, send a text message, answer a phone call, search for a restaurant near you and set up an alarm to wake up in the morning with the assistance of Bixby. These are some of the limited features offered by Bixby and you can find many more. The best thing about Samsung Bixby is that it has the ability to understand voice commands and react accordingly.

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Download Samsung Bixby App

Samsung Bixby comes pre-installed with the Galaxy S8. But if you don’t own a Galaxy S8, you can think about downloading Bixby to your existing smartphone. Download Bixby Apk from the following download links.

Bixby App Features

Samsung Bixby can be considered as the latest virtual assistant developed by the flagship smartphone manufacturer. Bixby Samsung has received much attention for the impressive features that are being offered to the users.


When the camera scans a photo you can select the shopping icon on the screen to find out where you can buy something similar

bixby places


Select this option in Samsung Bixby Vision to retrieve more information about the location or certain landmarks you come across.

bixby camera


This is again an option to search for similar images. When you capture something on your camera you can easily search for more images.

bixby translate


To translate menus or sign boards in a foreign country or at an airport, this app can come in quite handy.

bixby qr code

QR Code

This allows you to scan QR codes in order to instantly buy tickets, pay for bills.

bixby wine


If you see a wine bottle and you want to get more information simply point the camera at that direction and select wine.

Bixby App identifies anything Nearly

bixby see more than lable

See more than a Lable

See the vine bottles ratings and also where it came from, world rankings, vintage comparison..etc

bixby search smarter

Smart search

Points to a frame or choose an image from Gallery or from online, bixby app will helps to discover more similar Images.

bixby scan in snap

Snap Scan

Bixby camera can automatically scan QR codes and barcodes and points you to the QR code link or the shopping website.


Bixby App will makes your phone very helpful, will help you in completing tasks, and will also tells what you are looking at.

Bixby Voice

Do things very easily with Bixby voice. Samsung bixby voice knows everything on the phone including Apps. Just talk to bixby by pressing the button on left edge below to the volume down button. Use this button to wake up bixby voice even when you are on a App

Bixby Vision

Bixby app is intelligent at the things looking at. Bixby will give you very deeper understanding about the things looking at through the viewfinder. Touch on vision icon to launch bixby vision and look through the camera it will identify everything including language translations.

Bixby Home

There’s another side to Bixby which is Samsung Bixby Home. For those of you who are not quite keen on using Bixby Voice or for those of you who are residing in a country where Bixby Voice is not supported, Bixby Home provides a premium experience to enhance your day to day mobile phone experience.

Turn Bixby On

bixby app gallery


If you are already taken or downloaded a photo to the gallery, bixby can helps you get more information about what’s in it.

bixby app internet


Bixby app helps to get more context for the pictures browsing in Internet and will analyze them for you.

bixby app camera


Samsung bixby can show the information about what's in the viewfinder when points to a object.

How to install Samsung Bixby Assistant APK?

Once you download the Bixby APK file, you should need to install it on your device. Here is the step by step guide that can be followed in order to install the Bixby App on your device.

  • If this is the first time you are installing an APK on your Android device, you will have to go to Settings and allow permission to install apps from "Unknown Sources".
  • Then open the Bixby Apk file downloaded.
  • After the installation process, activate bixby from your launcher settings.
  • Now restart your device and enjoy Samsung Bixby.
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Samsung Bixby App FAQ's

  • Q : What devices Supports Samsung Bixby App?
  • A : Almost all the devices running Android OS.
  • Q : What is Samsung Bixby?
  • A : Bixby is the new artificial intelligent app introduced with Galaxy s8 phone and later phones.
  • Q : How do I remove my Bixby account?
  • A : Once you delete the Samsung account, the bixby account will automatically deleted.
  • Q : Do I need to connect Bixby to data internet connection or to a wifi connection to use?
  • A : Yes In order to use Samsung Bixby you should need have a working internet connection.
  • Q : What are languages supports by Samsung Bixby?
  • A : Currently Bixby supports only English and Korean, In future we are planning to add more languages.
  • Q : What is quick command in Samsung Bixby?
  • A : You can replace your own simple commands to a special purpose instead of standard commands.